Tech Demo Update 0.8.1


Hey Guys, We just released a small patch, we want to thanks all of you for your support, it’s helping us to improve the game every day.

We know there are some game crashes and unfortunately some people can’t play, many times the problems come from outdated graphic drivers or operating system, so we highly recommend to check if your Windows is updated and if you have the latest graphic drivers installed.


Bug fixing and features

  • New splash screen with a few essential graphics options. Launch the game to see them, if not active select Direct3D11 Rendering Subsystem from the dropdown menu and set your screen resolution.
  • Added client logo for desktop shortcut. Go to your Steam library, right click on “Racecraft Techdemo” and select “Create shortcut on desktop” to see it.
  • General optimization and bug fixing.


Known issues

  • Sometimes the game gets stuck at start. This could happen because of a bad seed generation, so close it and restart when it occurs.
  • The game may crash when trying to generate a new track from the in-game menu or pressing CTRL+N. When it occurs, simply restart the game to generate a new track.
  • Intel HD graphics: If you’re using integrated video cards like Intel HD Graphics the game may crash, freeze during loading, show black screen and show no GUI.
    We do not guarantee full support for integrated video cards and we recommend dedicated graphic cards, check minimum requirements on the racecraft store page
  • The procedural engine may generate impossible tracks with extremely steep  hills and 3D models in the middle of the track like walls, trees, grandstands, etc…When it occurs, take advantage of it to have some fun 🙂


Need Support?

If you continue experiencing crashes or issues, please send us an email at with the following info:

  • Your Steam ID
  • Windows OS version
  • Hardware specs
  • Attach the TechDemo.log and Coherent_UI.log (files are here: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Racecraft Techdemo\)


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