Racecraft Racing Seat

Hi guys, I’m now showing you how we realized our racing-box-station for dev tests and public showcases!

We started developing racing games with one thing in mind. Our constant goal is supporting and allowing users to play with every peripheral, and when I say every that’s what I really mean!Movie Rings (2017)

Our input system supports keyboard, joypad, mouse, steering wheel and uncommon devices like Leap Motion.

Our input system supports keyboard, joypad, mouse, steering wheel and uncommon devices like Leap Motion (yes, you can drive the car simply moving your hands in the air). We directly develop support for most of these peripherals, but for the steering wheels we had to build a racing station, the best and only proper way to test devices and the whole driver experience.

So we started assembling our racing seat. We’re also using it for public showcases of our games. A partnership with Fanatec, one of the major manufacturers on the market for racing peripherals, we obtained a starter kit we’re completely employing on our racing seat.

The kit is composed by the new Fanatec wheel base motor, the ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo (sooo powerful!), CSR Elite Pedals and the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Black, a F1-style steering wheel.



These “top of the line” accessories deserved a worthy seat and we opted for a flaming red one, the Playseat Red F1.



The shape of the seat forced us to lift it up a little bit, so we built a 30cm tall wood platform and covered it with our game brands to improve its whole aesthetic. The platform is divided in two pieces so it’s easily movable and shippable.



For the display part, we chose a 42″ TV and a robust TV stand that also comes from Playseat brand, called Playseat TV-Stand PRO.

Playseat TV-Stand PRO


As final touch, we added some branded plastic walls, lamps and disco-speakers 😀
Et voilà, our ultra-fashion-racing-box is ready!



Do you want to have a ride? We’ll be at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne to show the first technical demo of Racecraft! You will find us inside the “Games in Italy” booth, Hall 3.2 – Stand A036G.