Racecraft Procedural Tech Demo


The moment has finally arrived! Racecraft Procedural Tech Demo is now available, just leave your e-mail in the box below and you will get a Steam Key for FREE  to download the Racecraft Tech Demo from Steam.


This Procedural Tech Demo features:

  • Procedural generation of tracks
  • Vs Bot, race against a Real Time Adaptive Bot
  • Vs Ghost, race against yourself as a Ghost
  • Hotlap, race against time
  • Advanced Driving Menu: tune your car while you are driving without losing focus
  • TAAC, Track Analysis Adaptive Control: controls adapt according to the track shape


This Tech Demo is a work in progress, here’s where we are now:

  • Graphics 40%
  • Procedural engine 70%
  • Procedural assets 40%
  • Physics 80%



If you play the Tech Demo, we would love to get your feedbacks: