Racecraft is a natural born eSports game

Racecraft is a natural born eSports game. I’m very excited to see how eSports are growing faster, and how many people are playing and watching eSports games.

According to the new Superdata report on the growing eSports market, the global audience for eSports is currently around 134 million people, while  the business generates about $612 million. The report notes that Asia is still the dominant force in eSports with $374 million of the global share, but the West is starting to accelerate its growth as well. Currently North America accounts for $143 million, Europe is at $73 million and the rest of the world has a total of $24 million. North America and Europe have recently seen a tremendous rise in the number of people who watch eSports games online and attend live tournaments.


I’m surprised to see that the racing genre is not as popular as it should be in eSports.

I’m also surprised to see that the racing genre is not as popular as it should be in eSports. I think the most popular racing games out there are not that suitable for eSports, because they have licensed car brands that are really difficult to handle in total freedom. They also have official tracks everybody knows and they don’t have dedicated eSports features  to manage tournament and competitions. 

Since the beginning, we have designed Racecraft to be fit for eSports with a sport fairness attitude (no advantages for anyone), free from car and circuit brands boundaries and constraints, endless new circuits to race on and a dedicated platform to manage online championships and live events. 


We believe Racecraft will give more popularity to the racing genre in the eSports arena.

Our goal is to create an eSports standard for racing in terms of tournament rules and gameplay, leveraging our procedural tracks generation technology and we will get technical partners, sponsors, leagues and players involved in the process to make sure we are shaping the best racing eSports experience ever. 

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