Racecraft Alpha 0.5.2


Hello racers,  you can now download the Racecraft 0.5.2 update.

Thanks to everyone of you who participated to the Beta and helped us fixing a few nasty bugs we didn’t catch and improve some other elements. Your support is invaluable to us! 🙂

This update adds a Quick Race mode where you can race against other AI-controlled opponents (and collisions are enabled too).

User interface has also been revamped a bit. You won’t see the final straight of each generated track behind each menu, but TV-style camera views and even AI-controlled races.

Changelog 0.5.2

  • Gameplay: Quick Race mode (collisions enabled)
  • Gameplay: Each AI has its own procedurally generated behavior, with peculiar stats and features
  • Physics: More stable car when braking
  • User interface: TV-style camera views behind menu screens
  • User interface: GUI fixes and improvements

Have a look at these screenshots to see how the game has improved:

Let us know your thoughts and feedbacks about the update!