Racecraft Alpha 0.4.1


Hello racers,
more than a month has passed since the latest major update, but we never stopped working. We continued working really hard to deliver new features and contents for Racecraft.

The 0.4.1 version of Racecraft, available today (Friday, June 3rd), adds a major feature: Car Paint Mode.

Choose a template, paint your car, find some sponsors and race on the Hotlap Events with your own customized Formula car!

We also improved graphics with dynamic reflections and other minor tweaks. A little bit of polishingand Racecraft looks better than ever now!

Here’s the changelog for the Racecraft 0.4.1 update:

  • Features: Car Paint Mode
  • Graphics: dynamic reflections added
  • Graphics: shadows quality improved
  • Graphics: shadows performance impact reduction
  • General: minor bugfixes and general polishing

Let us know your thoughts and feedbacks about the update!