Racecraft Alpha 0.3.2


A new Weekly Hotlap Event is now online! For this week, until next Friday, you can beat other Racecraft players on the Zagata Park circuit.

This is a very hard and technical track, which includes slow hairpins, long and fast straights and a couple of very tricky points. This will keep you busy for the whole week!

(We know there’s a bug on the flags, we’ll fix that as soon as we can).

This is instead the podium for the Trevil Prix event, which ended today:

  1. RockBinkie 59” 602
  2. EpicMega + 00” 205
  3. Doghouse + 00” 283

Let’s see who’s gonna win this week! Good luck to all racers!

Racecraft 0.3.2 update

We also uploaded a new and small update, version 0.3.2, which includes a few fixes:

  • Ghosts are now working properly
  • Laps are now invalid when you go out of the track with all 4 wheels
  • Corner cutting is not allowed anymore
  • Options reset
  • Controller sensitivity is now configurable
  • Other minor bugfixes

Have a good weekend!